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REHABILITATION. At the service of the community. By them from MDE we offer our services to: administrators, businesses, communities of neighbors and individuals. With an interest to repair weaknesses in their buildings, improve their benefits or reduce their energy consumption. RESIDENTIAL. Quality of life for life.
MDE has built highly representative buildings, which make a real sample of Spanish contemporary architecture and incorporate the most advanced techniques of intelligent construction, in management and control of security installations, communication and comfort. Since its beginnings, MDE has executed all kinds of housing projects, both public and private promotion always under the prospect of obtaining the highest quality based on the projection made, looking not only for customer satisfaction but also the compliance with end-user expectations.
After a long period of continued urban growth, the time has come to look back at the park built to promote a culture of rehabilitation and maintenance that balances the attention that we have been providing to the new work. The buildings constructed decades ago have significant deficiencies with respect to the quality standards that today we consider indispensable, but are rectifiable if we can act on them with rigor and imagination. In addition we are aware of the urgent need to reduce the energy consumption of the built park and adapt the existing buildings up to par in benefits to the new construction, prioritizing the sustainability, energy efficiency and economic viability of the investments.