MDE has completed the spring spraying campaign along 3.380 km of platform of Adif iberian gauge lines (Andalucia and Extremadura) in just over 20 days.

The technology incorporates the train MDE allows:

I.     Instant application on the desired doses up to 4 pesticides and 2 adjuvant products in each of the 9 spraying sections which can be split the treatment area.
Possibility of making selective application based on the recognition of vegetation, with the pesticides and water saving products accordingly.
Suppression of mixing tanks in the vehicle with the consequent load optimization and improvement of safety and healthy conditions in the vehicle.
The automation of spraying process as well as auxiliary processes as the refueling is complete.

The application is done from the control room with constant monitoring of all sections of work and all relevant process parameters (wind speed, pressure and humidity, ambient temperature, feed speed train, GPS coordinates, dosage water and pesticides and adjuvants) products meet the highest quality standards. The control software includes a complete recording system that ensures traceability.

The work of herbicide train MDE will resume in September to complete the fall spraying campaign of 2015.