Contract for Prevention of Fires in Iberian gauge rail network. Adif (Delegation of Operations South)

Published: 27 June 2014


MDE performs weed control works (mechanical clearance, scrub removal, tree cutting and felling and herbicide treatment) in an area of ​​over 19 million m2 along the 1.973 km of iberian gauge railroad tracks by the Delegation of  Operations South Adif (Andalucia and Extremadura). Therefore, in the spring campaign of 2014 just ended, MDE has deployed a total of 150 workers in 25 teams for clearance vegetation and 3  equipments for hand spraying complete with the corresponding mechanical means (1 train and 7 multi-purpose vehicles for the application of herbicide). During the summer period the teams perform maintenance tasks and the campaign will resume in the fall.

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MDE achieved the award for Best Preventive Practice 2013

Published: 28 January 2014


MDE achieved the award for Best Preventive Practice 2013 MDE receives the Asepeyo 2013 Award for Best Preventive Practice (FIRST PRIZE SMEs Mode) thanks to our project. "HermeS: Geolocation, monitoring and online support for mobile workforce" which we have developed to improve the management of maintenance contracts for railways.


 MG 9597

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Awarded construction contract Mediterranean Railway Corridor

Published: 01 January 2014


Awarded contract of work of the Mediterranean Corridor, Mediterranean Corridor, MDE will execute in UTE with CHM the “Track works and electrification of the Almusafes-Valencia Fuente de San Luis stretch for the implantation of the European standard gauge”.
The works will be developed in a stretch of 18,5 kilometers that will also make possible the connection of the Ford factory, in Almusafes, with the future Mediterranean Corridor. The infrastructures will remain suitable so that trains with goods 750 meters long can circulate along the Mediterranean Corridor, where the travelers' traffic and goods will be combined with reliability and capacity


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