Quality Policy

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MDE is committed to Customer Satisfaction, innovation, research and technological development and to the protection of natural resources.
Our vocation with Customer Satisfaction, innovation and respect for the Environment is reflected in the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System according to
ISO 9001:2008, a R & D + i Management System according to UNE 166002:2006 and an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2004, integrated into an overall performance of continuous improvement in management effectiveness.





This commitment of MDE translates into the following principles:
• Execute works and services that meet the needs and expectations of the Customers, at competitive prices and in the estimated times, reaching and maintaining a reputation for quality with good service.
• Encourage a work environment based on personal relationships and trust, recognize and reward the effort by providing opportunities for professional and personal development for all.
• Obtaining Economic Profitability in a manner that is compatible with the development of the activities, respectful of the current legislation, and in particular, in compliance with the legal and other requirements related to the Environment.
• The identification of the potential risks of any kind associated with people, facilities and environment (pollution) and action to prevent such risks.
• The ongoing search for innovative solutions to meet the current and future expectations of our customers, suppliers and, in general, the market.
• Check the standards, technological developments and market requirements, actual and potential, as a priority of our management system.
Our business objectives are focused on improving the quality level of our services, promote innovations that bring value to our Customers, reduce the environmental impact of our activities, and the continuous improvement of results; MDE therefore undertakes to: • Recognize the competence and know-how of the MDE team as key to the evolution of the company and the achievement of its objectives. In particular, encouraging the generation of ideas and innovative practices, accepting risks and recognizing the creative contributions of the MDE staff.
• Collaborate with the Suppliers of goods and services to improve their performance in terms of quality, innovation, environmental management, costs and / or deadlines.
• Improve waste management through selective collection trying to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.
• Carry out a continued revision of the resources needed to train the R + D + i system and ensure its success by operating unit management of R & D + i. the operation of the R & D + i Management Unit.
Thus, we believe that the quality, sustainability, research, technological development and innovation are common tasks as the basis of our know-how and key for competitiveness. Therefore, we work to communicate and promote this Policy to all the staff members of the Company as well as the suppliers, as a starting point towards Total Quality.