LRP Policy

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MDE is committed to the permanent improvement of the working conditions in order to raise the level of Safety and Health of the workers.
Our vocation to Health and Safety at work is embodied in the implementation and maintenance of a Management System for the Prevention of Occupational Risks according to OHSAS 18001:2.007 and to the regulatory framework in force (Law 31/1995 and Law 54/2003) as well as its ongoing review to ensure the continuous improvement and management efficiency.






This commitment by MDE translates into the following principles:

• Integrating the Prevention of Occupational Risks throughout the hierarchical line and in the productive process of MDE with the essential objective of 0 accidents in the workplace.
• Encouraging a work environment based on accountability and safe behavior.
• Obtaining Economic Profitability in a manner that is compatible with the development of the activities, respectful of the current legislation, and in particular, in compliance with the legal and other requirements related to Health and Safety at Work.
• The identification of the potential risks of any kind associated with people, facilities and environment (pollution) and action to prevent such risks.
Our business objectives on the subject of prevention are focused on securing the appropriate degree of occupational health and safety and the permanent improvement of results; MDE therefore undertakes to:
• Recognize the competence and know-how of the MDE team as key to the evolution of the company and the achievement of its objectives, in particular, encouraging safe behavior.
• Collaborate with the Suppliers of goods and services to improve their performance in terms of safety and health.
We believe that the Prevention of Occupational Risks is a primary task of all the employees. We commit ourselves to communicate and promote the culture of prevention to all the staff members of the Company as well as the suppliers, as a starting point towards Total Quality.